Volumetric Mixers Overview - Quick Mix & Holcombe Concrete Mixers

The Quick Mix Mobile Volumetric Mixers, reduce waste, increase your profitability and deliver a solid return on investment.

Over the years, our Volumetric Mixers innovative design and functionality has been perfected through customer feedback and implementation of new and emerging technologies. The Quick Mix Volumetric Mixer is the highest quality volumetric mixer in its price range currently being sold in the market. However, we still haven't forgotten what makes our volumetric mixers superior - their simplicity and ease of use. Quick Mix & Holcombe Volumetric Mixers allow their operator to mix concrete in accurate quantities on site, thus reducing the amount of waste and improving the overall profitability. With volumetric mixers, you receive many advantages over other types of mixing technologies and products being sold.

  • Produce fresh concrete on demand, on site.
  • Deliver short loads down to the yard without waste.
  • Produce specialty concrete mixes as needed, such as rapid hardening concretes.
  • Produce consistent concrete mixes and volumes for your pre-cast concrete needs.
  • Control the quality and supply of your ready mix concrete needs.

We have created a variety of references and information for you to use when deciding if a volumetric mixer is the right choice for you business.


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