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Volumetric Mixers provide your company with the following advantages over traditional “ready mix” concrete trucks:
1.Control the delivery of your concrete and eliminate unpredictable ready mix schedules.
2.Optimize production by mixing what you want, when you want, in the quantity that you need.
3.Make multiple mix designs on-demand from a single truck load.
4.Eliminate “hot-loads” and the need to add retarding chemicals which reduce the quality of your mix.
5.Deliver concrete to remote locations and still provide a fresh mix everytime.

The Quick Mix Volumetric Mixer provides many advantages to the owner of the truck as well as the many different types of jobs it is used for. All of the ingredients that are necessary to creating the desired concrete mix design are stored in separate compartments on the unit, as opposed to the traditional method of mixing sand, stone, water and cement at a central batch plant. Once the volumetric mixer arrives at the pour location, the ingredients are conveyed into the mixing auger which will continuously meter and combine the correct proportions using a volumetrically calibrated control system. This method of mixing the materials needed on site allows for a much easier clean up and wash out as the only component that needs to be cleaned is the mixing auger. Volumetric Mixers are more efficient than traditional “barrel” mixers by delivering the concrete more economically, and by reducing overall waste. The Volumetric Mixer eliminates waste by allowing the user to provide the exact amount of concrete the customer needs as opposed to making the amount ordered and having to deal with short loads or extra loads that must be used or discarded. Volumetric Mixers are more economical because they can make multiple mix designs from a single truck load. Volumetric Mixers do not require a separate truck for a curb and gutter mix design and another for flatwork, for example. All mix designs can be made from the same Volumetric Mixer truck, on the fly as desired.


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