How Does a Voluemetric Concrete Mixer Work?
The volumetric concrete mixer is a combination materials transporter and mobile concrete mixing plant, mounted on a transport vehicle or a stationary skid mount frame. The mixer carries the component materials of coarse aggregates, sand, cement powder and water, used to produce fresh concrete. These materials can be mixed along with other admixtures to produce a specified concrete mix design, on a continuous or intermittent basis, on site where the mix is to be poured.

The mix design is calculated for a specific strength or designed to have certain desirable finishing properties. The mix is proportioned using known volumes of the component materials in the mix design.

The coarse aggregate and sand volumes are proportioned by adjusting the corresponding bin gates to the desired height as determined by a yield calibration test of the machine. The cement powder is accurately blended with aggregate using a uniquely designed auger delivery system. Finally, a metered amount of water is pumped into the mixing discharge chute and mixing auger to combine with the aggregates and cement powder.

Once in the discharge chute, the mixing auger continuously and thoroughly mixes and blends the ingredients to produce a continuous discharge of uniform quality concrete.


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