Customer Testimonials

Craig Schares, Owner of Craig's Concrete - Denver, Colorado

Craig Schares owns a 2001 QM8 on a 2001 Freightliner Truck, and a 1985 QM10 mounted on a 1979 International Paystar.

"I used to be a brick mason until I had a back injury in the early 90's. I decided to buy a Quick Mix mixer to sell masonry grout to the contractors I had previously worked for. I've since purchased another Quick Mix Mixer and have been running my own successful business ever since. I love these mixers because they are easy to operate and work on and because they consistently make high quality concrete day in and day out. In 15 years, I have never been stranded on a job by my mixer. I sell concrete and grout to many large commercial contractors and the Department of Transportation and these customers require high quality, consistent concrete that meets ASTM standards. These mixers have worked great for me and for my customers. I would recommend Quick Mix to anyone who wants a mixer that makes great concrete and is easy to use."

Lindsey Morstad, Owner of Mobile Mix - Portland, Oregon

Lindsey Morstad owns 3 Quick Mix QM10 Mixers, all mounted on Mack CH613 chassis.

"I've been running Quick Mix mixers since 1994. I like Quick Mix because they are easy to operate and are reliable. These mixers make quality concrete and rarely need repairs. Most of my customers are residential, but I often sell concrete to contractors who need us to feed their concrete pumps. I am the only volumetric mixer company in the area that many of these contractors are willing to buy concrete from. I believe this is because of the high quality and consistent concrete that I am able to produce with my Quick Mix machines. I am very happy with my mixers and would recommend them to anyone"

Kevin Kavanagh, Owner of Easycrete - Oxted Surrey, United Kingdom

Kevin Kavanagh owns 1 Quick Mix QM6 Mixer, mounted on a Volvo Chassis.

"We run 3 different brands of mobile concrete mixers. We have been very happy with our Quick Mix mixer and would put it up against anyone elses mixer. Its been reliable day in and day out for our operation."


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